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Welcome to Ann Raven's Website.

Through it, I hope you may get to know me better. Although this is also all about what I love...reading, writing, and the authors of romance novels. For those of you who are just browsing, I hope you may find some things you will like, even if it is just laughing like crazy as you watch me mess up my HTML code, my images, and whatever else I can make mistakes on...

This site is a new venture for me, and a constant work in progress, and hopefully I will be able to keep it updated fairly regularly. Please bear with me through my foibles and errors, and you may even find something for all of us to laugh at along the way.

Sincerely from my own Little Cyber World,

~Ann Raven~

~Ann Raven~

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His Silver Savior

His Silver Savior
By Ann Raven

Genre: SciFi Romance
Category: Novella
Length: 122 pages

Jilaran Starke, Captain of the Starfury, and Ranger Max Wylde, Captain of The Hunter knock heads and hearts in this action adventure romance. The prize is the freedom of their galaxy, and love may just be the icing on the cake.

Enter and see what else is in my world...

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